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Our Different Types of Women’s Boutique Dresses

Shopping for dresses for your desired occasion can be a hassle sometimes, especially since there are so many different styles to choose from. At All Things Sarah, we want to make that task easier for all of our customers by offering different dresses that are versatile in how and when they can be worn.

All of the clothing at our store is guaranteed to be a few things: unique, fun, stylish, and size-inclusive. This of course applies to our women’s boutique dresses where our selection is full of comfortable options for our customers.

We try to offer quite a few different styles for our customers who prefer specific looks. Rather than offering one type of dress style, we decided to curate other options that can be styled in similar ways.

Below are some of the styles of women’s boutique dresses you can expect to find at our store:

Maxi Dress

Looking for a dress that is comfortable, classic, and flattering? The maxi dress might be the best choice for you.

This is a staple you’ll most likely see often throughout the summertime. They are easy to style and versatile in the ways that they can be styled. You can change the entire look of a simple maxi dress simply by your choice of accessories or even throwing on a denim jacket on top.

The maxi dresses from our store are made from soft material that is stretchy and gives you the mobility to move around without the dress feeling too restrictive. Our maxi dresses can look great alone with minimal styling or none at all.

T-Shirt Dress

It can’t get any more casual than a t-shirt dress. Just as the name suggests, these dresses resemble oversized t-shirts tailored to the look and feel of a regular dress. These are perfect for the warmer months if you are looking to step away from classic shorts and a top.

You can expect these styles of dresses on our website to have a midi length and boxy fit. Sometimes, our t-shirt dresses will include additional features such as a twist in the front to add a bit more dimension. Regardless, these may just be the missing piece of comfort in your wardrobe.


A recurring theme in our summertime women’s boutique dresses is that we want them to be stylish without jeopardizing comfort. With that said, you may come across our chic rompers which are another excellent choice for the warmer weather.

Look and feel your best in our rompers which come at a shorter length. The material that our rompers are made of makes the choice even more soft and comfy. Sizing is offered from S-3XL so that women of all sizes can enjoy our clothing. Rompers are perfect for a beach day or even an evening out with friends.


Prepare to take on your day with one of our jumpsuits. Because of the fun designs and colors you can find our jumpsuits in, you won’t have to worry about putting too much effort into your look. In fact, jumpsuits require very minimal effort as it combines a top and bottom into one piece.

Just like our maxi dresses, our jumpsuits have a loose fit making it a comfortable choice to wear for all occasions. They are stylish enough to look in-trend, but they are chic enough to wear for more formal occasions. Take a look at our jumpsuits to see which one catches your eye.

Why Purchase From Us?

Our women’s boutique dresses are just a small portion of what we sell in our store. We carry all things from tops, bottoms, layering pieces, shoes, accessories, and plus size clothes. Anyone who visits our store can find a perfect piece for them without having to worry too much about expensive prices or lack of size options.

We always have new pieces arriving at our shop, especially if you are looking for a boutique that keeps up to date with what’s in style. Each time you visit our store you’ll always see something new that you didn’t find before.

We always make sure to prioritize our customer’s needs, which includes options, comfort, and affordability.

Women’s boutique dresses are one piece of clothing that will always remain in demand throughout all parts of the year. No matter what part of the year it is, you can find a dress that is catered to wear for that season. If you’re looking to build up your wardrobe, you’re at a great place.

If you’d like to contact our team today, feel free to fill out our contact form. We enjoy hearing feedback from our customers and giving them assistance when needed. Take a look at our new arrivals to see what has just come in, today!